A Test of Decency

I cannot let this go without quoting what I think says it all very well about the Republican candidate for president.

(From “Americans Against Fox News and Republican Lies”)

“Here is the compliment I can pay Donald Trump, and I pay it with real gratitude: He never hid who he was. Perhaps he lacked the self-control, or the self-awareness, but whatever the mechanism, he never obscured his cruelty, or his misogyny, or his greed, or his dishonesty. He is not a clever demagogue but a crude one.  

He mocked a disabled reporter while the cameras were rolling.

He accused his opponent’s father of conspiring to kill John F. Kennedy.

He attacked the parents of a fallen war hero.

He retweeted white supremacists.

He accused a judge of bias because of his “Mexican heritage.”

He directed the world to watch a nonexistent sex tape of a woman he body-shamed a decade ago.

He lies, constantly, fluently, and shamelessly.

He insults his opponents with schoolyard nicknames while retweeting slavish sycophants.

Trump knows nothing about policy and has learned nothing about it.

He has incited violence at his rallies, joked about the assassination of the Democratic nominee, and casually thrown the NATO alliance into doubt.

He has proven himself a man of little discipline and less grace, incapable of either forgiving or forgetting, and completely unable to control his own reactions.

He believes only what he wants to believe, trusts only the polls that show him ahead, listens only to the people who flatter his ego.

He has done all this in public, and he has done all of it repeatedly, almost gleefully.

If we elect him, there will be no excusing our actions to future generations, no pleading ignorance in the face of threat. It was all here. It was all obvious. It will all be visible to our children, and to historians.

Trump told us who he was, showed us who he was, again and again.

The test here is not of his decency, but of our own.

This is a vile person.  Repulsive. Lewd. Narcissist. Abuser. Ego-maniac.  I have said on my FB page and I say here, in my own blog, that the possibility of electing this character as president of our country is appalling.

I was a Bernie Sanders supporter, and I am sorry he didn’t win the Primary.  But voting for Hillary Clinton will not be difficult for me as I’ve seen and read her story from the time she was young until now, what she must have gone through being married to a sexual abuser like her husband was/is (I have no idea if he’s changed).  Having myself been through that same thing in my first marriage, I have sympathy for a woman who finds herself attached to such a man.  I got free of it.  We don’t know how she deals with him in their private life, but he’s out there supporting her still.  I personally don’t think Bill will live out the 4 years of her first term.  He looks ill to me… very ill, in fact.  But I don’t know anything for sure.  I do believe that Hillary will not abuse us as a country, whereas the likes of Don-the-Con-T.Rump will certainly abuse us all, should the unthinkable happen and he be elected.


Bex & Co.

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2 Responses to A Test of Decency

  1. Bex says:

    Hillary caught in “so many lies” Ava? Every OTHER WORD Trump utters is a lie!

    And he utters a LOT of words… ergo, a LOT OF LIES.

    As long as you don’t vote FOR this creep, that’s fine with me. Do what you want. Hillary is no where NEAR as bad a person as this goon.


  2. ava south says:

    All this is true, Bex, but I can’t in good conscience vote for HRC because of her callous regard for the unborn. And she has been caught in so many lies. I liked Bernie too but since all of the politicians seem to be crooked, I think the only solution is to clean house, ride the rascals out of town and start with a clean slate with term limits, single bills to be passed (no tacking on of bribe induced bills) and probably a dozen or more rules for anyone running for office. A pipe dream for sure ….


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