A Verbal Selfie

T.Rump in his Own Words:

I Love War!
I will authorize Torture!
I will kill terrorists’ Families & their kids! I already banned certain medias during my campaign, (UniVision).
I will censor more Medias when I am President!
I will refute the Ability of an American Judge to decide on all my Past & Present Frauds & Criminal Enterprise, if the Judge is from Mexican Heritage!
I will ban an entire Religion from the United States!
I will make Muslims Wear Special ID!
I will have Deportation Force going door to door!
I will use Nuclear Weapons! If we have them, let’s use them!
I already insulted our Neighboring Country,
I will insult the entire World if they don’t like Me! Except Putin, that I admire! Because he always says nice things about Me!
I will build a Yuge Wall !
I will make Mexico Pay for it! I don’t know how yet, but I Will!
I will deport 11 Million People!
I will punish women for abortion & make it Criminal!
I will raise import taxes on all goods made in China, Mexico, Japan by 35%, Making every good 35% more expensive for all Americans!
I will still continue to make all TRUMP Products in 12 Foreign Countries & not tax myself!
I will Not Submit my Tax Return, it’s None of Your Business!
Yes, I am a Genius, I have a Great Brain! I Lost $1 Billion in 1 year managing my Casinos & I screwed Thousands of Americans when I avoided Paying an astonishing $2.3 Billion in Debt by filing 4 Times for Bankruptcy!
I am the King of Debt! The More Debts I Get the More leverage I Have against my Creditors not to Pay them Back!
I will default on The US Debt & Destroy the Trust the World has in the US $ as a World Currency!
I will continue not Paying Federal Income Taxes for the next 10 years after what I spent of my Own Money during my campaign!
I will put my political opponent in Prison, so we don’t have to go thru the Next Election!
As President, I will get immunity from all the Pending Lawsuits against ME!
I will suppress Obamacare for 20 million Americans, with No plan yet to replace it!
I will suppress the EPA & the Consumer Protection Agency, Big Corporations can self regulate themselves, American People don t need Protection from those Regulatory Agencies!
I will de-regulate the Energy Industry!
I will subsidize Digging Coal, drill, drill Oil everywhere & build yuge pipelines thru eminent domain!
I will lower the Taxes of Corporations & for the 1% to 15% with still tons of Loopholes deductions for them to pay Nothing!
I will suppress the Inheritance Taxes for the 1% & Myself, saving my kids $4 Billion!
I will use my Properties for all my Political meetings & affairs & use Taxpayers’ Money Bigly with Yuge invoices to make my Own Companies Very Rich!
I will rebuild the Military & destroy ISIS myself as I Know better than the Generals.
I will bomb the Shit out of them!
I Will NUKE Them!
I will be an unpredictable President!
I will war-tweet with Megan Kelly at 3 am if she says bad things about Me!
I will Grab Women by the Pussy without their consent because I am rich, Famous & the President!
I will make Neo Nazi & Facism fashionable & Great Again! With a TRUMP Uniform! 
I will send Your Sons or Daughters, but NOT Mine, to TRUMP WORLD WAR lll to be slaughtered Senselessly for the War Machine Industrial Complex Profiteers like Cheney & the 1% Elite Fear Mongers & Shareholders!
I will never apologize.
I will never admit I am wrong!

Is this the person you want in charge of things in Washington? in the World? Anywhere?

I wouldn’t want this maniac in charge of changing my light bulbs!  


Bex & Co.

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3 Responses to A Verbal Selfie

  1. NORA says:



  2. I don’t want him as President.


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