Lidia Bastianich’s Beef Braised in Beer

Just watched Lidia make this on PBS.  Need to save it…

The 2nd 35 Years

At work last week we did the Stand Out test, and in my results it confirmed something that I already know, which is that I need quiet rumination time – time to just think and process and ponder over things that have happened, in order it make sense of them. I realized that is a huge reason I gravitate toward cooking, baking, and needlework – they give me that quiet meditation time.

And so, after a stressful two weeks between work and home (plus the fact that it has been unseasonably cool and rainy here), I found myself gravitating toward making a hearty, warm braised beef dish (with pomme puree, natch). There is something so comforting in dishes like this… they envelop you in the food version of a warm blanket on the sofa while the rain drizzles outside and the TV runs softly in the background. It seemed too…

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7 Responses to Lidia Bastianich’s Beef Braised in Beer

  1. NORA says:

    I can’t cook to save my life. I used to be a ‘decent’ cook but now I am a ‘wing it’ cook. Glad hubby is not picky.

    Bex, I had to make a different e-mail addy to get in here but now I am in !


  2. blb1 says:

    Not sure that would of applied to me Bex even when I was able to cook and bake. 🙂


    • Bex says:

      I had just seen Lidia make this recipe on TV and it was not all that complicated. Of course, being a tee-totaller, I don’t have beer in the house (or any alcohol) so to do it properly, according to the recipe, I’d need Paul to go to a liquor store and get the beer… something he is not NOT likely to voluntarily do. Oh well!


  3. Bex, I have to login to my account every time I want to comment on your blog.

    On my blog I have configured it so that once a person has been approved for commenting, they can then comment without logging in. I will outline how to set this up in case you would like to tinker with the way your blog allows comments.

    When you click on “My Site” (top left) it will list links in the left column. Click on “WP Admin”.

    On the left column of links, put your cursor of “Settings” and choose “Discussion”.

    Under “Other Comment Settings”, uncheck “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”.

    Under “Before a Comment Appears”, uncheck “Comment Must Be Manually Approved”.

    I’m kinda funny, I don’t like commenting with identities from corporations, they can track what I am doing, which is none of their business. WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook logins will track where you are, where you have been, and probably predict where you are going, lol.


  4. Maggie Turner says:

    Cooking as quiet meditation, I like it!

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