A Quartet of Deplorables

from: Daily News Bin dot Com by Thom Palmer

“James Comey, Donald Trump, Julian Assange and Russia: what the hell is happening here?”


“Something had been really bothering me, other than the obvious, regarding the letter from Republican FBI Director James Comey, which signified nothing against Hillary Clinton last Friday. The letter simply gave Trump as well as Senate and House Republicans red meat, in order to bolster their numbers in the hope that the electorate would once more question the integrity of Hillary Clinton enough to skew the election. The letter stated absolutely nothing that would be actually damaging to Clinton, yet posed another fictional possibility, which is enough for a witch trial I suppose.

“Then it dawned on me as I was driving on the 91 Freeway in Southern California, locked in stopped traffic and pondering the situation. Interestingly, I often do my deepest thinking in bullshit traffic, which may be a metaphor for much of my political discourse and dissent. Anyway, Psychiatrists agree that Trump is a master of projection. This means that the things that he knows he’s guilty of, he accuses his opponent of the same with the objective of taking the focus off of his problem, convincing his supporters that the opponent is worse. This is evident in his proclamation that Hillary Clinton is a racist, should be locked up, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth, but denying and counter-attacking seems to work for him. Smoke and mirrors and slight of hand is a huuuge part of the Trump campaign as well as the Republican way of life. If Trump says someone is corrupt, he’s actually deflecting his own corruption.

“Here’s where this becomes pertinent…

“With the FBI on and Homeland Security on constant watch, searching out those who would do harm to Americans, and with Russia/Wikileaks in the middle of an all out assault on American democracy, drug lords moving herion and other drugs across the border….

“Why the hell was the FBI in a rush to investigate Anthony Weiner?

“Okay, it’s possible that his alleged sexting with a teenager, which was apparently done across state lines, would put this into federal hands, but for Pete’s sake…. we’re talking about what probably amounts to indecent exposure, assuming the teen didn’t send him explicit pictures in return. If she did, then Weiner would be in possession of child pornography. I’m not saying that Weiner shouldn’t be investigated, found guilty and sentenced for one thing or another. All I’m saying is that the FBI rush to investigate this, bypassing the Department of Justice in its investigation and rush to throw speculation into the democratic election process is reason enough to question the motives and intent of Republican FBI Director James Comey.

“Typically, and as a policy, an investigation into child pornography would take many months to conduct. Findings are not made public unless the FBI knows that it has a case, and is ready to recommend to the Department Justice that it feels charges should be filed. This of course is assuming that the case was referred to the FBI from the state where the violation took place to begin with, in which there is no evidence to suggest.

“What then becomes apparent is that this entire investigation and siezing of Weiner’s computer was a set up from the start. Pressure from the House Republicans, ever since Comey cleared Clinton of any illegal activity regarding the use of her personal server has been enormous. However, Director Comey’s reputation for honesty has been pretty good, with the exception of adding commentary to his findings in July in which, even though Hillary was cleared of any wrong-doing, provided speculative red meat for Republicans to run on. With this as the background for what transpired last Friday, it seems the questions regarding a conspiracy arise.

“Who got to Comey? What would induce this man to abandon his own principals and knowingly violate FBI policy as well as break federal law in violating the Hatch Act, which requires that government officials do not attempt to influence an election with politically motivated information. Who got to Comey, and how far does it go?

“Folks, if the Weiner investigation was a set up in order to conduct a fishing expedition for personal information on Huma Abedin’s personal email server in order to influence the election, then this would also make Comey guilty of more than recklessness. The espionage that Wikileaks is guilty of, supported and abetted by Vladimir Putin and Russia in order to influence our election results may have been assisted by Comey, in concert with Trump and House Republicans.

“What we know is that Jason Chaffetz was given a heads up. He more than likely requested the letter from Director Comey, and advised the Trump campaign the moment the letter came. This would then make Comey a conspirator in the attempt by Republicans at skewing the election in favor of Trump. Now, here’s where it gets even uglier. Trump and his former campaign managers, along with many of his advisors are Putin loyalists, having done work for Russian politicians loyal to Putin. We know that Wikileaks is in cahoots with both Russia and Trump, since Trump seems to always be aware when another email leak is imminent.

“Therefore, we have no alternative but to assume that our own FBI Director is a co-conspirator in hijacking our democracy along with Wikileaks Julian Assange, under investigation for espionage, Vladimir Putin, who has been working hard to diminish U.S. influence globally and increase his power in Europe and the Middle East, Donald Trump, who has financial ties and debt to Russia and China, and House and Senate Republicans, who have continued their assault on democracy through voter suppression and fascism throughout this election cycle.

“Democracy is under attack, and FBI Director James Comey has played a role in something very sinister. Whether he was forced, coerced or just playing politics, this is something more corrupt than Watergate. Comey needs to be fired and investigated for meddling in this election, as well as his possible role in aiding and abetting espionage against the United States of America.”

My Take:

This quartet of “deplorables” can just pack themselves into a rocket ship to Mars and when they get there… they can stay there.

Are we sick to death of their despicable faces in our news every day?  The harm they have, each and every one of them, done to our society here in America is immeasurable.  With less than one week until election day, I am praying like I’ve never prayed before that sanity rules the day and that we will be done with this bad company of actors once and for all .


Bex & Co. 

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5 Responses to A Quartet of Deplorables

  1. Sandy from Chicago says:

    I have to admit that Trump’s improved poll numbers are worrying me. If the Democrats don’t come out and vote big in the key states, we could be looking at Trump as President. I would love to see Hillary hold onto the core states from 2012 and then add NH, VA, CO and NM. That would give her the win. NC would be great but it sounds like there’s an attempt to suppress African American votes there. Or NV or FL would be icing on the cake.

    What Comey did was stupid. But several articles have pointed out that many in the FBI hate Hillary. I don’t think Comey is in cahoots with Putin or Assange. But I do think there’s an argument that he knew his vague letter about new emails would help Trump and hurt Hillary. I’ll be so happy when this stupid election is over. So much of it has been negative and ugly.


  2. I am no longer reading anything to do with politics.


  3. blb1 says:

    Disregard I scrolled back to the top and see the author. :-0

    Liked by 1 person

  4. blb1 says:

    Bex will you please identify the source as I know you aren’t in California driving. lol


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