The 8th of November

It’s over (the Election).

There’s not much to say (that shouldn’t be bleeped out).

Our country is screwed (not my original word).

Four years of maniacal leadership (hibernation would be nice).

No Cheers,

Bex & Co.

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7 Responses to The 8th of November

  1. Bex, wishing you and all your fellow citizens the best possible four years!!!!


  2. Bex says:

    Thanks for your comments one and all. I don’t understand the dating of this blog, sometimes it’s a day forward… I’ve had to change it once… and it’s confusing how to do it. But it is the 9th,not the 10th. Maybe this blog is working on European time? I will look into it tomorrow.


  3. I am confused? Did I lose a day? There are posts from the tenth. I wanted to drown myself in alcohol after the election, but I resisted. At least I think I did.


  4. Teri says:

    I find myself thinking now that maybe it was best that Hill was the one who lost. After all, the ones that supported her tend to be levelheaded and non-violent. Things could have gotten quite dangerous in the country if things had gone the other way, as the Trumpers had been encouraged to take to the streets and have violent reactions if Trump lost.


  5. Sandy from Chicago says:

    I’m still trying to deal with it. Four frightening years are ahead of us. I think Trump will be a 1 term President. I thought Hillary’s concession speech was classy and inspiring. I hope she takes comfort in the fact that she’s won the popular vote. Going to hide now….


  6. blb1 says:

    After I missed church Sunday I was glad to see Debbie posted this link.

    It has made me feel a whole lot better.

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