Around and around we go…

Remember when I wrote this blog entry, back in August of this year, about Belle having an “incident” that we could never explain?

It happened again today.

I was awakened from sleep at around 4:15 a.m. today.  I heard bumping noises downstairs, where our Belle sleeps, and at first I didn’t think it was anything to worry about.  But it happened a few times more, so I got up and asked Paul to let Belle out… maybe she had to do her business?

He went down and let her out.  I went back to bed but just lay there feeling uneasy and nervous and kind of shaking a bit.  Anything that goes wrong with this collie girl just sends me into a fit!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

She owns a big piece of my heart at this point, now more than 6 months after we adopted her from Iowa.  She’s my precious girl now and I keep forgetting that she is 9-1/2 going on 10 years of age…. she just doesn’t seem that old to me most of the time, but she is… I keep thinking that we’ve got a “dog’s lifetime” to spend with her but, of course, we don’t.

Anyway, once she went out and came back in, I listened from upstairs for any other noises and eventually Paul came up the stairs and into my room and said “something is wrong with her… she keeps walking around the house in circles…”  I told him that was what she was doing for me back in August… (when he wasn’t here), and he said she also seemed to be bumping into furniture a bit, too.  I asked him to go back down and just sit with her for a while, and he did.

I tried to close my eyes and snooze for a bit, but I couldn’t.  By 6 I had to get up as the sun was starting to bring daylight to the world.  I got dressed and came down and there was Paul, sitting in my chair in the Reading Room with a large Indian poncho over him (he was still in his bed clothes and the house was very chilly, as it always is at night).  Belle was lying on the floor beside him.  He said he’d gotten her to stop walking round and round the house and she finally had lain down in her bed while he petted her.

She seems a lot better.  She came to me and her tail was wagging a bit.  That’s always a good sign with a dog!  After a few minutes of sitting there, just the 3 of us, in the Reading Room, I suggested Paul give Belle her breakfast – maybe she needed food!  He did and she ate it right up.  Since then I let her out but she didn’t want to do anything, so back in we came and now, at 7:30 am, she is napping on the sofa, Paul is doing his kitchen duties (emptying the dishwasher, having his breakfast, etc.), and here I am with you, telling my tale.

She seems much better and more back to normal now.

I really wonder what this could be?  Of course, it happened on a Saturday… doesn’t everything happen to pets over the weekends, when the Vet is closed?



Bex & Co.

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5 Responses to Around and around we go…

  1. I will keep my fingers crossed that it’s not anything major. I know what you mean. Lovely Lucy is eleven. Ricky was already a few years old, perhaps three, when I got him five years ago. It isn’t fair that dogs don’t live that long, especially the big dogs.


  2. Sandy from Chicago says:

    I hope Belle is feeling better. It sounds like whatever is happening is sporadic. I wonder what triggers it? I wish your vet could come up with a diagnosis. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to you, Paul & Belle.


  3. blb1 says:

    One can only wonder about what is going on. I remember our AC doing weird behavior when she had already gone blind. Our vet said dogs can also have human strokes. Might never know Bex.


  4. Here is an interesting video that discusses dog circling.


  5. I hope Belle’s “anxious time” turns out to be of no long-term consequence! It would be good to know what it is all about though, for your and Paul’s peace of mind, and to know if there is any remedy that can be offered.


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