It’s beginning to look a lot like….

…. winter in New England.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

It’s the first snow of the 2016/17 winter season in New England.  At least it’s the first snow here in Salem.

It’s also the first snow for Miss Belle, as a New England collie… and she’s not sure about it yet.  She is not a dog who likes to get her feet wet, either.  When it rains, she hesitates to go out on the grass and mud.  She is a lady and feels more comfortable with clean, dry feet and furs.

We have tried to explain to our Belle that being a New England collie dog has its benefits but also has its responsibilities, too.  Like toughing it out when it snows and looking at it from a slightly different perspective.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Like I said, it’s only a dusting.  Confectioner’s snow, sprinkled over the land.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Paul has just left with Belle for her first walk in her first New England winter wonderland.  I am pretty certain she will learn to love the snow… she does not like to be hot, and up until now, whenever we’ve had the heat going, she prefers to be outside for a while, to cool off.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

She didn’t go down the steps when I had her out just now… she wanted to go back IN!

Oh well… she’s out there now walking the neighborhood with Paul, and so begin the long winter days in New England.

It might behoove us to remember what it was like previously  here…

KODAK Digital Still Camera

A glimpse of the late, great, Emmalee and Kip, enjoying the white stuff 2 years ago.


Bex & Co.

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3 Responses to It’s beginning to look a lot like….

  1. ava south says:

    It’s rain here. We have wet, muddy winters as a rule. I stay in a lot, I am not a fan of cold and if I had money, I’s travel to warmer climes this time of year.


  2. You too! We had snow a few weeks ago, but it all melted, and this morning we awoke to a world of white. The light is different when there is snow on the land, I could tell as soon as I got up this morning that it had snowed, before looking out the window, just from the light.

    Belle is having some interesting new experiences! I hope she comes to love the snow!


    • Bex says:

      I hope so, too, Maggie. She and Paul just came in from walkies and she’s all wet… it’s still snowing lightly. She will now spend an hour or more licking various body parts like feet and furs… to try to get dry!


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