It’s a whole new year, new life

Dear Friends,

It’s been a while.  Here I am tweaking my blog again, never being happy with things they way they are, for some reason.  I want a more simple page.  To find my links, click on the arrow at the TOP RIGHT corner. 

Everything has changed.  Well, not everything!  But important things, like my state of mind. Changed.  I dumped politics out of my consciousness.  The deed has been done, not by me nor by anyone I consider to be reasonably intelligent and thoughtful… but by those darn deplorables.  

Oh, there I go again.  

To effect this change in my life, I have taken up crocheting.  You probably know this if you ever read my FB pages.  But this is taking up all my waking hours these last few weeks.  

Somehow I lighted on a website called Attic24.   The author of the site is called Lucy; she lives in the Yorkshire Dales of England and is a crocheteer (one who crochets).  She does this big-time.  I only do it to fill my brain with soft thoughts.  I love yarn.  

My first project was this:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I made up the pattern with yarn I bought from England.  They are the colors of the Yorkshire Moors – the Moorland Blanket..  I got the yarn in December but the “crochet-along” wasn’t to start until the 6th January!  I got impatient and just started and this is what I ended up with.  I have not blocked it so it’s kind of wobbly looking.

My next item of crochet was a hat that I made using some 30+ year-old yarn I found in the coat closet.  

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I followed a pattern on YouTube,  and it’s supposed to be a “slouchy hat.”  The brim I made wide so it could be rolled up.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Then, I got an order from husband to make him a blanket for his bed for when he reads up there.  He wanted a specific color combination (like his lobster buoy colors) and he wanted it fairly simple.  I have it all planned out in my head, I have most of the yarn here now and am waiting for the dark green.  These are his buoy colors:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I am awaiting the dark green.  The background will be a teal/marine blue/green color, like the ocean.  He wants three wide stripes near the top, white, green, and yellow. This is how much I’ve done so far…

KODAK Digital Still Camera 

Then, I started a hat with some other new yarn I bought recently, and this is what it turned out to be, a hat for my beloved’s head in this sub-freezing weather we are having:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

It wasn’t supposed to be FOR him, but I showed it to him, and he whipped it on his head and I said “It looks great on you” and he went in to the bathroom to look in the mirror, and he took possession of it.  I told him the pom-pom was detachable if he didn’t want it on there, but he said that, no, he loved the pom-pom!  So he wore it down to his boat to check things out and now he owns the hat.  

Belle thought she’d give it a go at first…

KODAK Digital Still Camera  KODAK Digital Still Camera

..but it just didn’t really work for her.  Her ears were  hidden, and she really likes her ears out in the open where they can detect threats etc. around the house. 

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Anyway, with that hat done, I needed to be crocheting something, so I decided that I’d make a pillow cover for an old ratty looking pillow that we have in here that I use behind my back when sitting in my big chair, for support.  So this is where I am on that project to date:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

It’s using the Moorland blanket yarns that I have left.  Oh and I forgot to mention the scarf I made for myself before this project… it’s here, using the Moorland blanket yarns:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I want to make another hat, too, once I’m finished with the pillow cover.  But that will be a little while from now.  Once I start to crochet Paul’s bed blanket, that will take me quite a long time, but I hope to keep you abreast of my progress.  

All this yarn work has succeeded in keeping my mind off the most horrible year EVER in American politics… the election of the most horrifically unqualified human being as President, soon to take office in a couple of weeks.  To keep my sanity, I focus now on beautiful soft, colorful yarns and patterns and different stitches, not to mention that it’s made my hands feel a lot more useful these days even with the arthritis that lives there. 

So Happy New Year everyone.  Since I just changed my “theme” here on this site, I am not sure where you’ll find the “comments” section, (I think it’s up near the top, under the header, after the dateline… somewhere around there),  but if you can’t find it right away, click on that ARROW in the top right-hand corner and poke around in there… I could change this whole set-up again, who knows?  I’m like that.  


Bex & CoKODAK Digital Still Camera

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7 Responses to It’s a whole new year, new life

  1. blb1 says:

    Oh Bex I don’t think xanga has a subscription feature and there is no one to ask. I do have a notify list I send out. Want me to add you?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. blb1 says:

    Hey found it, I was looking under that arrow to the right I think you mentioned. This is pretty layout.


  3. Bex, I love your Moorland colours, and the hat suits Paul perfectly! When my thoughts get stuck on things I can do nothing about, I retreat to colours. I think about my favourite lavender, spring poplar green, the inferno blue of a hot camp fire… works for me, so I can understand how the soft beautiful yarn would sooth your soul.


  4. Bex says:

    It does get complicated, overhauling one’s blog page. But I”m stuck here at WP for now and sometimes it’s fun to redecorate your space.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Great blog. I avoid all of the complexities of WordPress, though I really want to overhaul my page.


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