This is only a test…

For comments, check the very bottom of the entry.  I think you will find the link there.

I’m experimenting again with “themes” here on my blog.  Since I don’t very often get to redecorate my house, and I love to change things up, as a rule, here is as good a place as any to do that.  It’s just that there are so many options and choices and decisions to be made, it all gets overwhelming by the time you’re done with it.  So, for now, this is it.  My new look.

I wanted the links to appear on the same front page as the blog entry.  Let’s see if this all works now.  Teddy can be my guardian angel here… keeping an eye on the place whilst I’m doing other things.

On my pillow cover that I’m crocheting to cover an ugly old pillow we use,  here it is so far:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Still using the leftover yarn from the Moorland Blanket project!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

That’s all for now.  Let me know how it’s working for you.

Oh, and to the people who have recently joined my notify list (thanks!), I’ve been doing a blog for a very long time, and all my older entries should be linked on the side-bar over to the right here.  Since I had to move them all over from an old site (JournalScape) last year, there are things in most of them that need “tweaking” (editorially), but I only get around to doing that now and then.  I’m not going back through all those years of blogs to fix everything all at once!  But the basic entries are there.

So welcome, and I’ll see you next time.


Bex & Co.


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13 Responses to This is only a test…

  1. I hadn’t experienced a problem in replying to your other WordPress blog before the makeover. And since I am viewing via my phone, I don’t think I see any of your bells and whistles, even the whiddled ones. What is the style name?


  2. Rosemary says:

    Leaving another comment as found how to change my name I think, rather than a bunch of numbers

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  3. Sandy from Chicago says:

    Hi Bex. I like this new theme. I could see the comments at the bottom of the post with a reply button. Thought I’d leave a new comment (not a reply) to see how it worked.

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  4. m1181958 says:

    Bex, I really like your new space, clean and streamlined. Teddy with his hat is an adorable guardian angel, cheers, Rosemary

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    • Bex says:

      Thanks Rosemary! Now I am having trouble finding the comment link!!! I wish things would be a bit more simple for my old-and-getting-older-by-the-minute brain! Thanks!


  5. Found the comment text box without a problem. Nice look!

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    • Bex says:

      Oh good Maggie! Now if I can only think of something intelligent or interesting, or both!, to say here! I am going to be starting a big crochet project – a coverlet for Paul’s bed to keep him warm when he’s reading up there… I tend to get tired of each project before it gets too large, so this will be a challenge… to actually get it done.


  6. Bex says:

    I’m leaving a comment just to see where it ends up!


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