The Last Sunday


I did it again.  I changed Themes.  No, I can’t remember the name of this one (I went and looked, it’s “Two-Twenty” I believe.)  But I wasn’t really loving that other one that much.  This is a bit more plain and simple.

The comments are probably at the bottom of the entry.

I am lamenting what the title of this entry means for us here in this country.  The last Sunday for so many things, not the least of which is that we have a leader of our country who is great and are going into an era with a leader who is far less than great.  To put it mildly.

I haven’t talked much about politics lately.  I’ve had to divorce myself from it, for the most part, as it was making me sick inside.  Especially after November the 8th.  Then, we still had time to hope and pray that something would happen to turn it around, to make it not happen, but now here we are, just days away from a new leader being installed, and just thinking about it is making me nauseated all over again.

And that is why I started crocheting again.  I needed to turn off the cable news, the non-stop screaming and yelling from that big black box over there, across the room.  Listening to lie after lie after lie coming from the mouths of the “other side” was just too much to handle anymore.

Now yarn is my main concern.

I have more than enough yarn here to keep me busy probably for years.  I do not have the gigantic stash of it that some crocheteers have, but mine is now finally and happily all organized right here near me after I splurged and paid a whopping $7.49 for this handy-dandy hanging cubby-hole thingy to hold all my yarn.

This black thing is only 48″ high, it has a velcro piece at the top that opens up and closes around a rod, so it could go into a closet.  But my closets are all full, so I snuck it in next to the curtain here and filled it with all the yarn I could find plus the new yarn I’ve bought recently.

Those two see-through bags of yarn are both from England.  One contains the rest of the yarn for the Moorland blanket (it contained 15 skeins of yarn and I did not make the blanket as prescribed but rather a few smaller things, and I still have quite a bit of the yarn left – in fact, a lot left.  The other see-through bag contains 8 skeins that are for making a bag called the  “Jolly Chunky Bag.”


Above is the bag all made up by Lucy at Attic24 (in Yorkshire, England).  I love this bag – it’s so cheery and happy!  I can keep my current work in there and sitting near my chair and it will make me happy just to see it.  So that is on the horizon to do soon.

My blanket for Paul is coming along after some glitches.

I started out making it using a stitch I found on YouTube called the “extended moss stitch” which was a new one for me.  I did like it, but it was a not an easy flowing stitch, it took real concentration to do each and every stitch, and even some muscle power sometimes when the place where the hook was supposed to go was not easily accessible.  Finally, I gave up but didn’t want to rip out and start over, so I continued down the blanket in the plain old double crochet stitch which goes much more quickly, and I’m just treating that top part as a kind of “header” on the blanket… so Paul can tell the top from the bottom!

Pretty soon I will begin the 3 stripes of colors he wanted – to match his lobster buoys, of white, dark green, and yellow, as you can see by the picture below of the late, great Whitby girl and Paul’s stash of freshly painted buoys:


KODAK Digital Still Camera

8(Update:  Jan. 19th… I am on the home stretch now with the blanket (see photo below).  I am putting that “header” of the moss stitch on both the top and bottom and also I will go around the edges with the regular single crochet moss stitch for the edging.  So it will be 8-10 inches longer than this in the end.  I think.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

At left are all the knitting implements I found when I went hunting for old yarn the other week. I did a fair amount of knitting back in my day, but I don’t have a lot to show for it as I made things for other people. Paul does have a nice vest I made for him and one day I’ll haul it out and photograph it.

Below are the implements I have for crocheting, and I do need to acquire a few hooks that are for larger items, using chunky yarns. I’d really love to crochet a bath mat for in front of the tub, something nice and chunky and soft to step on out of the shower.

OK. I’ve almost lost this entry several times here, so I’ll wrap it up.

You may have noticed that I changed the Theme again. Hope it’s working for you.


Bex & Co.

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7 Responses to The Last Sunday

  1. Sandy from Chicago says:

    I like the bright colors too. They’re clean and vibrant. What a great hobby.

    I’m trying to focus on issues I support, which is better for me than all the anger I was feeling. I was also encouraged that President Obama plans to stay involved in public projects.

    I like this theme too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rosemary says:

    The wool colors are so vibrant! I don’t crochet but knit. Great job you are doing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a lovely hobby Bex! I envy your skills, crocheted items can be so beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bex says:

      At least it’s keeping my mind occupied with things other than politics! Thanks Maggie. My fingers are burning tonight after several hours of it today, but on Paul’s blanket, I’ve got only one more row of white (the first stripe) to do and I can do the green and may even get the yellow done by tomorrow night. Night night.


  4. blb1 says:

    Yea I found the comments. lol I love the bright colors in this set up and your living room and that basket! I will be like you, I cannot turn the news on for quite some time now. Almost afraid of what will be cropping up in FB.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Bex says:

    I will leave the first comment so it may be easier to find for others!


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