Status February

Hello Friends,

So, this is what’s been happening here since the end of last calendar year (I think I first began this journey with yarn on 16 December 2016).  I’ve been making things; some nice things, some horrible things.  Two snow storms have come and gone, and one is here right now.  Here’s the incriminating evidence below.


Bex The Hooker

KODAK Digital Still Camera

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3 Responses to Status February

  1. blb1 says:

    Love your caps, for which I would have no use here. Still waiting for winter. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful! I love the bright colours especially, and that carry bag for wool is just gorgeous.

    We had over 8 inches of snow yesterday, it will be gone soon enough, 34 days until spring!

    Belle does not look impressed!


    • Bex says:

      Belle is not impressed Maggie! She goes outside very reluctantly, does her business and comes back in. Wet feet are not one of her faves… We also got well over a foot or two in the last couple of weeks.

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