Three years ago today, I lost a friend, whom I miss like mad still, every single day.

Thoughts from Crow Cottage

I had an email from Emily’s (Mz. Em) friend, Michelle, last night that our dear, sweet friend, Em, had passed away yesterday at home.

I’ve spent the entire night trying to come to grips with this, and I can’t. I know Em had a lot of things going on that were very hard for her, but she had just come off a week’s trip to visit her friend, Michelle, in NV and seemed to be doing OK when last she wrote to me, which was after she arrived back home.

When I know more I will write more, but not now. I am hurting too much now for writing (see my most recent Comment).

Michelle wanted Emily’s friends to know about their time spent together at her place in Nevada and wrote the following:

“…My eyes are swollen almost shut this morning and I keep shaking my head……

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2 Responses to Emily

  1. Sandy from Chicago says:

    Thinking of Em here too.


  2. Remembering with you…


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