Some Food for Thought

Cheating the Atmosphere

I listened to most of this interview on WBUR (public radio) last night/early this morning and it was so informative and stunning.  I highly recommend you take a half hour and listen to it, as well.  Click the links I’m putting in.  What is happening the world over will stun you, if you haven’t already learned this information.

If you are any kind of a Climate-Change-Non-Believer – read it and then tell me you don’t believe!  (I doubt you will do this because it’s been my experience that if you are a non-believer in the first place, you won’t read it!)  But do try.  The amount of poison this old world of our has sustained, and is sustaining right now and in the future, is almost incomprehensible.

Cheating the Atmosphere

That’s all folks.


Bex & Co.


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4 Responses to Some Food for Thought

  1. My dear spouse can use a computer perfectly well and uses one in his work every day, but somehow manages to be completely ignorant about how to receive and pay bills online. I have lists that I keep for my best friend, who I know will get stuck helping him deal with it.


  2. Good link for information! Bex, since 1969, when I wrote my first University essay on environmental issues, I have quantified how our consumerism and profit/personal-gain decision making algorithms have impacted our planet. In 1969 I was openly ridiculed for my concerns. By the 1990s I had been branded by the powerful conservative element as a “bleeding heart”, my research virtually ignored by policymakers, although some of it was published in academic journals.

    I don’t spend time with this stuff anymore, I just do what I can when I can, and make informed decisions when I am able to make decisions at all. What I discovered about human social structures, that are dominated by the self-interests of small number of powerful individuals, is that the members of that type of society place inordinate trust in “how things work”, that is, until is isn’t working for them. When they finally notice it isn’t working for them, they fall through the craks and join the others in the netherland of reality

    I don’t know where all this human hubris will lead us, but I strongly suspect there will be human suffering involved. My only hope at this point is that a few fine souls will survive the whole mess and give the human species another go round, based on sanity and integrity, rather than the insanity and greed that now prevail.


  3. blb1 says:

    Shame I couldn’t leave that link on FB. Not that anyone would listen as they’d rather just post drivel.


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