Dogs Are People, Too


This just breaks my heart.  Read it.  Do you tie your dog up to a tree, or a fence, or the side of the house, and just leave him or her there all day?  Dogs are people, too.  Would you do this to a child?  To your elderly parents?  To anyone, really?  If so, I implore you to stop doing it, take your sweet pet inside and give him or her the loves and attention that they deserve.  Please.

That’s all.



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2 Responses to Dogs Are People, Too

  1. Deplorable behavior towards a living entity Bex!

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  2. blb1 says:

    The city has passed an ordinance here. Not sure exact content as I have no dogs. Someone stole the neighbors pit and it had to have taken two people as the chain link fence is 6 ft. high. The little pug kept digging out running the neighborhood. He wouldn’t let you near him so I suspect he got hit. So i go out today, there are 2 new good sized dogs in the yard. So I give them a treat as i did the others. The smell of feces is strong, they never pick it up and all the rain we’ve had…. glad my windows are shut and AC on.

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