Positing a Theory

I’ve been mulling over the motive of El Dictator in how he’s been handling China lately, and generally the entire rest-of-the-world, as unappetizing as it is, and it has dawned on me that there may be a motive to his madness that no one else seems to have picked up on in the news media.  At least I haven’t heard it suggested.

To preface my idea, it has to be noted that China and the t.Rumps have not been arch enemies, as they are depicted of late.  In fact. Daughter-of-t.Rump has been extremely friendly with China in the past (and probably present), even going to the extreme length of teaching her children the Chinese language.  Why?  Because they are business partners.  Daughter-of-t.Rump does a lot of her personal business in and from China and to be honest, it would not behoove her, or her father, to be at odds with that country at all.  He makes and sells his stupid belly-covering ties in China, and daughter-of-t.Rump has a pretty large production business located in the cheaper-than-cheap-labor country there.  It makes sense, if you’re on the profiting-making end of this equation, as the entire t.Rump family makes out like bandits in its partnering with China.

(I won’t even get into the subject of daughter-of-t.Rump getting the patent/licensing for voting machines which she has obtained and shipped here to be used in the 2020 election — that alone should send shivers down the spines of every single voting American.)

That all said, I do not believe that China and the t.Rumps are at odds, in reality.  I believe it’s all a ruse.

He does this all the time.

He makes a crisis out of nothing, whips up his unaware “base” into thinking he’s being the strong leader, not bending to the rest of the world, etc. and then, turns around and declares the outcome of the same crisis as a “win” for him in the end when he flip-flops.

So, what I think has been happening is that China and the t.Rumps have cooked up this entire trade war for the sole purpose of re-electing this poor excuse for a leader of a great country next year at election time.  We will all suffer through the ups and downs of manufactured crisis after crisis until just near the election when he will then announce that he has won the battle… they have made a pact to get along… the trade war is over and he/we have won it!  Well, he and his “basies” may have won it because, if this man happens to be re-elected next year, the majority of this country (the rest of us) will not have won at all but will have lost all semblance of a civilized, law-abiding democracy.

So that’s my story and we shall see.


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3 Responses to Positing a Theory

  1. Sandy says:

    At this point, anything is possible. I think if there’s a sudden resolution of the China-US trade war right before the November 2020 election, then you’re probably right. No doubt the stock market would spike and it could help Trump to win in 2020. If China holds off on making a real deal until they see who wins in 2020, then we’ll know it was either a real trade war or China went rogue on Trump, It’s all such a nightmare.


  2. blb1 says:

    did I forget to comment? I sent this to my friend on FB.


  3. meriset says:

    You could be right. Time will tell.

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