Getting up there in years now, change is harder and harder to accept, and to live with.  But change must happen, and so it has.  I am back at WordPress as my blog-home now, again, and hopefully here I will stay.  Please be kind to me WordPress… each year that goes by makes all this electronic way of life just a little bit harder on us old folks.

This blog is just about my life here at Crow Cottage, in a New England town by the sea.  Married to a long-time lobsterman, and now me being retired from work, leaves little to write about most days, so be patient.  As the days and weeks go by, I’ll pick up tid-bits of useful information about this place.  So, welcome to our home.

And, for my “Synopsis of a Life” – click here.

2 Responses to About

  1. I just learned a way to eliminate some of the bad energy on Facebook. I may be tempted to indulge again. Oh, no!


  2. Loved “Synopsis of a Life”. Yes, it does get harder as we get older. We’ve had some really challenging years and it keeps coming. Just have to count my blessings.

    Oh, Bex it’s me, Nora. I’m not sure how I got the WorldPress account but it must have been a long time ago. Maybe I should crank it up…..I left Facebook because it was getting too toxic. Now I am back to reading blogs and finding that MUCH healthier. Hugs.


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