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Not Sure Anymore

To blog or not to blog – that is the question. It used to be fun to blog, for me, but not anymore.  I’ve run dry in the thought-department, at least thoughts that might be interesting to others. So far … Continue reading

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Recruitment, or not…

Listen and Learn (click on the link above before getting to the second part of this blog entry… ) If you watch TRMS (The Rachel Maddow Show) on a regular basis, like we do (without fail every weeknight at 9 … Continue reading

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You have to read it to believe it

No matter how much we rant and rave against this man, sometimes you just need to read/listen to his own thoughts that come out of his own convoluted mind to understand what we, in this country, are saddled with for … Continue reading

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What happened to March?

Are you telling me that I haven’t done a blog entry since sometime in February? Although I knew this fact and thought about it from time to time, I wasn’t ready to jump back in here again for some reason. … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Thoughts from Crow Cottage :
I had an email from Emily’s (Mz. Em) friend, Michelle, last night that our dear, sweet friend, Em, had passed away yesterday at home. I’ve spent the entire night trying to come to…

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