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Some Food for Thought

Cheating the Atmosphere I listened to most of this interview on WBUR (public radio) last night/early this morning and it was so informative and stunning.  I highly recommend you take a half hour and listen to it, as well.  Click … Continue reading

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Dear(est) Abby…

It was Paul who alerted me to this recent publication of “Dear Abby” in the newspaper today.  He brought it out for me to read saying, “This could have been written by YOU!” And he is so right (with a … Continue reading

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The (high) cost of being sick

Recently our darling Belle-the-collie-dog was a little off-weather.  She “leaked” in two places – once on the wood floor where she likes to sleep, and once on the sofa, where Paul likes to sit!  We were concerned enough to schedule … Continue reading

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Just throwing this out to the Universe

I keep hearing “Who have the Dems got to run in 2020?  Nobody!” Well, to that I say… that is so wrong. I am not writing this to argue with anyone, because the Lord knows that there are enough people … Continue reading

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On Senator Jeff Flake’s announcement to not run for reelection – transcript of speech.

Tuesday – October 24, 2017 What a speech!  I only caught the last 15 minutes, or so, on TV today, but it was superb… and this from a very conservative Republican!  But I admire this man a lot, and that … Continue reading

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